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Christian Science Monitor Mini-Site

Christian Science Monitor Global Warming Mini-Site Screen Shot

This site design blends the established visual elements of the Christian Science Monitor's main site with concepts inspired by the subject: global warming news and information. The site is built as XHTML Transitional and includes sIFR elements for improved headline typography. The content is powered by Wordpress.

"Our website, in particular, improves the way that the Monitor can help readers understand a subject that for many years has been a source of confusion and contention, but is now recognized as an issue that demands attention from everyone," said Monitor Editor Richard Bergenheim when speaking about the Monitor's commitment to global warming coverage. "We want to help people understand what steps can be taken to mitigate effects of global warming and how we can adapt to climate change."

Hasbro My3D

Marvel Avengers Screen Shot

This site is XHTML Transitional and powered by the CommonSpot CMS. I consulted on the design and built the site.

Hasbro Nerf Mobile

Nerf Mobile Screen Shot

Built using HTML 5 and optimized for mobile devices, this prototype is a version of Hasbro's Nerf site.


State Street Corporation

User Experience Consultant

Boston, Massachusetts
5/2011 - 1/2012

Designed and developed web sites for desktop and mobile devices and applications. Consulted on best practices for presentation side web development, standards compliance, and web accessibility. Built mobile web site using PHP and CSS3 for State Street/National Urban League conference. Consulted on design and user experience for State Street's client iPad application.

Technology used included HTML 5, XHTML, CSS, PHP, XML, JavaScript, Section 508/WAI, Photoshop


Web Developer

Pawtucket, Rhode Island
9/2007 - 5/2011

Developed business-to-consumer product web sites (including Star Wars, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, etc.) for domestic and international markets. Consult on best practices for presentation side web development, standards compliance, and web accessibility.

Technology used included XHTML, CSS, Cold Fusion, XML, JavaScript, Section 508/WAI, Photoshop, Flash.

The Christian Science Monitor

Web Development Consultant

Boston, Massachusetts
2/2007 - 9/2007

Built XHTML standards compliant prototypes. Designed and built custom mini-sites. Consulted on design and usability strategy for newspaper web site redesign.

Technology used included XHTML, DHTML, XSL, XML, CSS, Section 508/WAI, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash.

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XHTML, HTML 4/5, CSS (1-3), Accessibility Compliance (Section 508/WAI), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP, Cold Fusion, SEO, Adobe Dreamweaver, Advanced understanding of issues related to cross-browser and cross-platform compliance




Solving Online Communications Puzzles since 1998

My principal professional interests are XHTML and HTML 5, CSS 3, web accessibility, web site performance, and interaction design.

Lance Jonn Romanoff

Current and previous clients and employers span a wide variety of fields and include: Aylus Networks, Belforti Investments, Boston University, The Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Management, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Cramer Digital Marketing, ESPN, Fidelity Investments, GMAC, Hasbro, Intuit, MacWorld Expo, Safeway, SATELLIFE, SkyWorld Interactive,, and Squarewave Interactive Studio.

When I'm not working, I'm drinking coffee, studying history, thinking about the physics of time travel, and/or watching a 1970s cop show.

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, although I occasionally work in Boston and the rest of the universe via the glory of telecommuting.

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